Electric Cars are coming to India Will be Launched by 2020

Electric Cars are coming to India , Suzuki and Toyota Collaboration

The Electric cars will now more our dreams because its going to happen in India is some years and you will be driving an electric cars on roads. Yes, this is being possible, as per the information the Toyota and Suzuki are going to collaborate on making of electric cars in India. They have just signed a memorandum to working together for this new technology taking to India. The Electric vehicles will hit the Indian market by year 2020 and for this the companies are going to make many charging stations and other this to keep it perfect for every user.

Electric Cars in India by 2020

President of Toyota Motor Akio Toyoda (L) shakes hands with Chairman of Suzuki Motor Osamu Suzuki (R) 

As per the inside information, Suzuki will produce the electric cars for Indian market and also supplies it to Toyota and Toyota will help Suzuki for technical support. They can start their automobile plant in Gujarat state of India. The cars will be having Lithium ion batteries for the power. As we know that their are electric Rickshaw reached in market and public are using it. So it will not so far to using electric cars in the country.

So be ready to buy an electric cars for your daily purpose and that will also make our environment better and it will helps to grow our economy as well because of low use of fuels.

anyways you can give your comments below about this new technology that roll the many things.

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