GST Council Decreased GST Charges On Many Goods

Indian Government to Decrease the GST Charges on Many Goods

GST the Good and Service Taxes was implemented on Indian Tax Structure from 1st of July 2017 and in which suddenly some taxes was grown. So peoples was unhappy about this tax because many household items price was increased simultaneously. The Good and Service Taxes structure was 0%, 12%, 18% and 28% in which state government was taking 50% of total taxes and other 50% was taken by Central government. As per the information from Finance minister Mr. Arun Jetly approx 96000/- crores rupees is collected from taxes in last two months and its growing.

So the government takes a new implementations on the GST Structure and going to decreased some taxes amount from many household items, that were problematic to the public. But decreasing taxes is not only what is going to happens, some items taxes will increase as well. Like Small household items taxes will decrease to 5% from 12% and Luxury cars like SUVs taxes will increase simultaneously.

Here we have a complete information about in which items taxes will decrease and in which it will increase.

GST New Taxes Structure for Household Items and others

The amended GST Taxes will starts from upcoming days and public will get some relief from paying much amount of taxes. Above all the taxes details is given, so you can find the all details from there.

As well as in the meeting of GST Council the deadline of the GSTR-1 date is postponed to more 1 month, it means peoples can submit GST within one more month. And the internet penalty is also exempted because the GST site was not working properly.

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