Padmavati Fans will have to wait for this film, Release date can delay

Padmavati Film Release Date Can be Delayed to Next Year

The Upcoming Bollywood Historical movie is having so many problems these days, due to demand of not release of this film from Karni Rajput Sangha. The film will have to wait for some more days to release, because it can flame the riot after the film release and that will be a negative point to this film. For your information the film still not watched by Censor board. As many peoples demand to delete some scenes of this film which are affecting their religious and cultural terms. So it can be possible to changes in the release date of this film.

So we can say that this is a bad news for this film and as well the fans of this film.

The film Padmavati is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and lead actors are Ranbir Singh, Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. The film was scheduled to release on 1st decemeber 2017, but due some problems it dates can delayed.

As per the information, the film has sent to the Censor board by Makers and as per the rules the censor board can take 60 days to clear a film to release. So the release date could get changed to upcoming year 2018. But this is not confirmed yet and maybe the film will release on same date as scheduled.

In case if the film get delayed by 1 more months then it will affect the film as well its cast and makers. Anyways after clearance by censor board the film will be set to released in theaters and Fans will enjoy the new Avatars of Ranbir Singh and Supporting stars on the cinemas and as the issues is going on with this film, it can get less amount of audiences in the theaters after release.

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